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Academic Ghostwriting

The concept of Ghostwriting has developed into a term known to everyone, especially in recent years. 
But what exactly does ghostwriting mean? 

Basically, it's that Use of a service by a customer with the aim of a written work written according to his specifications and wishes.  This of course includes academic work like that Bachelor-, or master thesis, But it can also be understood much broader: Books, articles, texts and other written form also represent the ghostwriter's work areas. 

Even applications, presentations and reports can be parts of the subject areas with which ghostwriters surround themselves. 
This is precisely why we often find ghostwriting activities alien. However, these people do not represent anything other than free authors. 

But what exactly do you have to know about ghostwriting?

Get here ...

... all questions at a glance!

What does (academic) ghostwriting actually mean?

And why is there such a thing at all?

Ghostwriting in general:

Writing a text for a third party subject to your own participation

... thus simplifies a spirit activity. 

Basically you can Ghost can be used in almost all areas. 
Whether for applications, speeches, blogs, books or presentations, or in the academic and scientific area, such as for house, bachelor, master, doctoral and dilpom theses. 

These “ghosts” research, write down and correct textual work on behalf of the client and then make them available to the third party. Depending on the specifications and the availability of templates and required documents, the text is written as true to the content as possible.

Academic ghostwriting in turn ...

... must meet several requirements in order to be considered qualitatively sufficient! 

In order to meet the requirements of the academic degree, official, social and scientific texts must have a Notwendigkeit can prove lens be written and above all but Reliability can prove. 

So it happens that the authors at Papernerds are always qualified academics who can demonstrate sufficient experience in their subject areas and know about the correct application of academic resources.
By employing specialist staff, we can promise you the best quality and discretion! 

Ghostwriting is illegal, isn't it?

No, ghostwriting has always been and will always be legal. 

Because basically hiring a ghostwriter is equivalent to using a service!
Freedom of contract under no violation of the rights of third parties applies in this area exactly as in any other.
Whether the author is named or not is therefore solely subject to contractual agreements.
This was also in one Judgment of the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court (01.09.2009 - Ref .: 11 U 51/08) confirmed.

The use of ghostwriters is cultivated in many areas these days and is therefore no longer to be despised. 
Whether in the field of media, politics, science or the freelance: requesting written documents can give you back the time that you would otherwise not have. 

Writing templates for House workThesesMaster thesesBachelor theses and other theses are not objectionable from a legal point of view. 

What are the legal frameworks?

It depends a lot on them Use of the text
Ghostwriters not only work in a supportive manner for students, but also for many companies and authors who, simply put, need help with writing because there is not enough time or because they rely on you spelling error-free text want to be able to leave. 

And that's exactly what ghostwriters are for. 

What the clients do with the final product is no longer in the hands of the ghostwriters. 
For example, the well-known variant of submitting someone else's work would be forbidden as your own, just like copying it in school, right?

However, it is not forbidden to yourself Help with brainstorming and get correction ..

As you can see, ghostwriting shouldn't be viewed as negatively at all! 

When does ghostwriting actually make sense?

Ghostwriting is not an isolated phenomenon. For many it represents one workload that is not to be despised.
Just imagine that you have written a book and now you want to get it ready for the market. Unfortunately, none of your friends have that much time to go through your 1500-page book, word for word, and on Troubleshooting to go. On the other hand, you wrote this book yourself and you see a lot of it Spelling and spelling errors not more. So you are in a failure that you will probably only find out on your own after a long time and a lot of work.

And that's exactly what papernerds are for!
In this case, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to read your book Correction and also checked Incidence of plagiarism

But also in the area of academic and scientific training ghostwriting can help. 
Imagine here that your entire degree depends on a single job. Unfortunately, you haven't had a single one in your entire career academic text written, you have to work alongside the university to finance your studies and therefore you cannot simply take two months off or, you simply have no more time. 
Here, too, we are available to advise and help with Tproposition inventions, formulations, The correct quoting and Corrections incl. Plagiarism checks. 

This is by no means objectionable, as the end product comes from you in spite of everything! 
We are only there for this, you to reach out and help

Services Divisions

Is there a certain target group for ghostwriters?

As in all areas there are so-called Focus groupswho make use of many of our services. There can be several reasons for this: too little time or technical know-how make it impossible to hit the set deadline, or ask questions stylistic formulations and Citation styles hold back.

In the end, the decision has to be made first: Of course, the given ones have to be taken into account Requirements, Quality und natürlich sovereignty

The customer portfolio therefore extends from companies that offer a optimal brand presence aim over Consulting agencieswho have favourited Help with professional formulations brauchen, Authoritieswho have assistance in editing new Forms need up to Individual Data Protection, like students who get a Bachelor or master thesis have to submit. 

Basically, our target group extends to everyone performance-oriented areas in life that one specific and knowledgeable formulation and implication need. And that's exactly what we're here for! 


What costs can I expect when hiring ghostwriters?

In a nutshell, it can be said here: The more effort, the more expensive the end result will be. 
Since this is a personalized and one-time production of a product, the price is of course based on the effort. 
The following is decisive for us: 

Scope + subject + aspiration + time frame

In addition, the prices of course also depend on which academic degree you are supposed to achieve.
So it happens that a descriptive bachelor thesis with 30 pages is a lot cheaper than one exploratory master's thesis with 60-90 pages. Depending on the use of staff, there are also differences that go hand in hand with the subject areas. 
So, as you can see, making a flat rate would be unreasonable in these cases. 

We are happy to let you in non-binding offer because ghostwriters are not as expensive as you always think!

Is my assignment actually confidential?

discretion is next to the Quality and our highest priority!

That's why every job, no matter how small, gets one knowledgeable staff made available.
From writing to handover, you can always contact your ghostwriter and you can have a clear conscience Check status Request. 

So around a optimal discretion to ensure you always have the direct contact person as your supervisor and writer. 

Further information!

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Um Best quality To guarantee we at Papernerds.de have taken some measures to implement your ideas as well as possible: 

1. Only work at papernerds qualified Employees, ie in detail academics, doctoral students, lecturers, scientists and researchers. 

2. Our employees all have this at their disposal writing and analytical skillsso that you can optimally implement your wishes. For example, you must convince us with a sample text when you join our company! 

3. We build permanent contact with our customer! In other words, work will be produced exactly according to your specifications and will be reviewed and discussed again and again! From the outline or Expose, about the structure of the chapters, topics / theories, methods in the field of citation and writing style, everything is discussed in detail! 

4. Should something not fit: you have one with us Partnerthat you can also tell if you are not satisfied. 
We can only make improvements if you tell us what is bothering you. And that's exactly what we want! 

If you are still not completely satisfied with your text in the end, we can also provide more information here Revisions speak. 
Simply contact your supervisor! 

Let your work write

Is a plagiarism check compulsory for a ghostwriter?

At Papernerds.de you will of course get one for your work free plagiarism check to. 

We want to relieve you of the work and you Best quality deliver, which is why it is also important for you to know whether your work complies with the generally applicable regulations! 

So in order to avoid plagiarism, we have a high technical level competent employeeswho know exactly what is allowed and what is not. 
In order to provide you with additional protection, we will give you an exam using the best Plagiarism software to. 

If you still have concerns, you can contact us at any time! 
Of course, you also have the option of using free programs start your own checks on the Internet. 

Who can I contact for academic ghostwriting?

The right contact person Finding it can often not be that easy. 
The internet has increased the range of ghostwriting services. 
But how should I decide and what is the right solution for me?

Here is a brief overview of what is available: 

Freelance ghostwriter

looking a person for exactly one special topic? 
Then you may well have success with this option.
Independent ghost workers Your clients look for themselves and thereby only serve one topic, namely the one in which they are familiar. Finished! 

Platforms / communities for ghostwriting services

Almost like eBay classifieds: on so-called Ghostwriting platforms Clients can place desired services and obtain offers. Of course, the prices vary greatly here, as you get a wide variety of offers from different parties. However, this also complicates the quality comparison, because the research is up to you alone. Not every offer then delivers what it promises. 

Ghostwriting agencies - writing services

The complete solution for the end customer: you have a page for almost all subject areas and an already selected selection of professional competent ghostwriters with years of experience. You have a direct contact person for all cases and can rely on plagiarism-free texts looking forward. In addition, you conclude an official contract with a registered company and thereby also obtain legal security. 

There are black sheep here too, but you can root them out with a few tips and tricks. 

Which model you ultimately choose is of course up to you. 
However, if you are interested in having your work done by a service agency like Papernerds.de, then contact us. gladly for further information! 

How do I find the right ghostwriter?

Unfortunately that is Ghostwriting industry not fraught with negative opinions for nothing. 
As in many other areas, the Internet also gives fraudsters the opportunity to get to customers quickly and easily. 
That is precisely why it is important in Dealing with ghostwriting agencies to check exactly which references they can provide and how seriously their offer is being advertised. 

For you, in brief, the most popular facts: 


How long has the agency you selected been on the market and is there any substantiated evidence (reviews, articles with timestamps, ...)

Typically, scammers don't stay online for long. 

Is your agency based in Germany, Switzerland or Austria?

Make sure you use real addresses and phone numbers when making your choice. 
If you do not reach anyone in person during the agency's investigation, it is very possible that you have run into a foreign fraud company. 

Prices that are well below the general price average should be a sign that you are not playing with honest cards here. 

Theses of this kind are either written by less qualified ghostwriters, or you get absolutely no service at all. 

The price as a quality implication can definitely be used as a decision criterion. 

Get several offers anyway and then take what suits you the most and what seems safest, because you can promise a lot, but not actually deliver. 

How transparent is the pricing?

Do you have an overview of the services provided, including the time stamp?
Did you get realistic estimates at the beginning?

How does the handover work and do you have the opportunity to request corrections or to check progress?

Or did you receive a flat rate without a breakdown?

Check the service portfolio of the individual agencies for specialist areas and types of work or writing. If you cannot find any indication of competent employees from the respective areas, then you should not place any orders here. 

How does the agency apply in social networks, ads or in press releases or on related pages?

Can you retrace a timeline?

Otherwise, the same applies here: If you can only find one entry for this agency, then you have again found a dubious provider. 

Why are texts from the ghostwriter better than your own?

This question is actually answered quickly. 

If you don't need help and are sure of your cause, have enough time, or even enjoy writing academic papers, you won't look for a ghostwriter.

However, a Second correction for bug fixes and improvements

In principle, ghostwriters can help precisely those people who were simply not born for this type of work or who simply despair of it. Additionally there is one Time and quality of life again, because the daily stress and fear of failure can also eradicate negative aspects. 

Do you need a certain training for the profession as a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting is still active no apprenticeshipWhich unfortunately also has the consequence that, legally speaking, everyone can call themselves a ghostwriter. 
That is precisely why the possibility is for Fraud cases enormously high in this area. 

But what do you do if you really need help and would like to take advantage of it?

Do your duty to inform! 

Cheap is not always good, which is why the main search criterion is not the price, but the Experience Of your writer. 
Are you going References and don't let the price decide right away. 

Ultimately, your work requirements are decisive, which should then also reflect the performance. 

How can I help create my work?

Basically, the more information you can send us, the more personalized we can create your work.

Our own ideas, suggestions, research, and hints make our work easier and we can faster turnaround times .

The more you contribute as a person, the more stylishly your work can be written. 
Of course it is always an advantage if you contact us contact in good time. Although it is possible to write a paper in a relatively short time if need be, it suffers Quality underneath. Writing is one of the creative processes that can mature and develop over time and with communication with the client. If this option is not available, this is of course also reflected in the flow of writing. 

Therefore: The more time and information you can give us, the better!  

All in all: what are my advantages and disadvantages?

For what reason you seek help from a ghostwriter does not ultimately matter, because we treat every customer equally becomes. We do not blame you or the like for having the courage to seek help. Apart from that, you can also benefit from ghostwriting agencies, as the higher degree of Quality and professionalism can of course also be found in the representation of your work.

Those who perform well will be rewarded for it!

The vast amount of experience that our employees can bring to the table can help you improve your to exploit the full potential
Even if you have a small deficit in using the academic language. In cooperation with you, our ghostwriters can implement ideas in a targeted and stylistically flawless manner and adapt the entire collaboration to your needs. 

Disadvantages can be in working with dubious agencies or individuals arise when expectations are not met on time or inadequately. In this case, good advice can be really expensive. 

Let us help prevent it from happening: 
We'll help you choose the right writing partner and put your Wishes into action. 
With us you get direct contact with your service provider and can therefore active influence take into the writing process of your work. By excellent Time management can we on Change requests optimally, provided you come to us on time! Together we can then work with you on research and drafts and create an individual text tailored to you. 
Ultimately, good work has its price and speaks for your appreciation of the work of our ghostwriters! 


If we have piqued your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us:
We look forward to your inquiry!

Contact now! 


Now brand new: After the order has been placed and the order data is available, a conversation with your author and one of our colleagues takes place immediately with the aim of being able to provide you with impeccable quality. This service is included in the price per page for free from the medium quality level.

You will find information on the consent including success measurement, the use of the shipping service provider MailChimp, Mailerlite, logging of the registration and your right of withdrawal in our data protection declaration.